XHUB is a Fintech Company Connected to 132 Exchanges World Wide Providing The Following Solutions For Brokers, Hedge Funds & Prop Trading Firms

* Trading Derivative & Exchange Platforms
* Exchange Trade Connections
* Liquidity
* Data Feeds

XHUB provides one of the largest Crypto Liquidity Exchanges on the planet. XHUB provides Brokers, Hedge Funds, Proprietary Trading Firms and Banks institutional enterprise-grade Crypto Liquidity through a single connection on which to trade through aggregated pricing from over 132 Crypto Exchanges. XHUB's robust Crypto Exchange produces consolidated deep Level 2 order books, publish pricing and route order flow.

In addition XHUB provides turn key White Label Broker solution packages including Trading Platforms, Website, Liquidity, Data Feeds, News Portal System, Social Marketing Portal, CRM & CMS System.


Connect To 132 Crypto Exchanges Solutions For Brokers, Hedge Funds & Prop Trading Firms


Connect with up to 132 Crypto Exchanges through one connection via- REST & FIX API, Multi-Cast, Web Sockets, MT4 & MT5 Gateway as well as our Proprietary Trading Platform


Access our Liquidity and trade on xHub proprietary purpose built Trading Platform for the delivery and Trading of Crypto Currencies through our aggregated liquidity.


xHub works under the FCA regulatory framework, allowing us to service those organizations with regulatory requirements


Access XHUB data through NATS Stream, REST API, Elastic Search, KAFKA for Algo back testing and analysis.


XHUB through its delivery and aggregated pricing offers some of the tightest spreads, deep order book, low latency with super fast execution. XHUB provides post trade settlement in Crypto Assets or Fiat Currency.


XHUB also provides multiple Turn Key solution for brokers to market their services. XHUB offers: Trading Platforms, Crypto, Forex & CFD Liquidity. News Portal System To Engage Clients. Social Marketing Portal. CRM & CMS Management System


XHUB has created and developed a Trading Liquidity Pool for Institutional Firms wanting to participate and provide their clients opportunity which has historically been dominated by individual investors. Participation by institutional investors has been limited by extreme volatility, a lack of regulation, and custodial, security, and liquidity concerns. There is substantially growing interest from the institutional buy-side. Institutional firms need sophisticated trading platforms and connections on which to aggregate data from an ever-expanding list of venues, produce consolidated order books, and route order flow. Whilst managing risk with institutional grade risk management capabilities. XHUB provides buy-sides with the institutional grade Liquidity connections. Built on XHUB technology that incorporates functionality that has been battle tested with other asset classes such as Forex, Equities and Commodities.......XHUB Provides Institutional Buy-Sides The Following Capabilities

  • Connect via XHUB to 132 Crypto Exchanges through One Connection & One Account.
  • Trade Via XHUB Proprietary Platform With Aggregated Feed Data/Connection
  • Leverage maybe available upon request
  • Post trade settlement is available in Crypto Assets or Fiat currency.
  • Crypto Data is also available through NATS Stream, REST API & Elastic Search.
  • Access raw Data Analysis via KAFKA for Algo Back Testing and analysis.
  • Provide Level 2 Order Book
  • Internal Matching and Smart Order Routing for high volume trades
  • Connection Via Multiple Flexible Integrations REST & FIX API, Multi-Cast, Web Sockets & MT4 & MT5 Gateway & One Zero.
  • Enterprise-grade data warehouse for storing and streaming all historical prices.
  • White Label - Websites
  • White Label - Trading Platforms Including Liquidity & Data Feeds
  • White label - CRM System with account configuration and Traders Dashboard
  • White Label - News Portal Proprietary Marketing System

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We provide clients with news feeds from a wide-range of reliable sources

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