DeFi Exec Believes Crypto Community Mostly “Short-Term Thinkers”

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DeFi Exec Believes Crypto Community Mostly "Short-Term Thinkers" In an interview with Cointelegraph, Alex Mashinsky, the founder of the decentralized finance app Celsius Network, took aim at the crypto community for becoming fixated on short-term profiteering and failing to drive mass adoption. Mashinsky urged the community to capitalize on the opportunity to redefine money and finance offered amid the deepening global economic crisis.Celsius is Mashinsky’s eighth company, with his prior seven ventures including two unicorn start-ups that raised over $1 billion combined. He holds patents for Voice over Internet Protocol from 1994, and he founded a global commodity exchange in 1996. Mashinsky stated that one of his employees showed him the Bitcoin white paper in 2010, noting that he then laughed at it and thought, this will never happen.


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