CRM/CMS Web Presence

CRM/CMS Web Presence

Our partners and brokers use our CRM to build relationships with current clients and our CMS to find, qualify and convert leads into traders. With a wide range of simplified tools you'll be able to use this custom and white label solution to build your broker business quickly.

Fully integrated with MT5 trading platform and/or our white label web trading application. This integration simplifies and streamlines your administrative tasks. Because we are a focussed and broker/trader targeted solution provider, you can be confident that everything you need to manage your leads, contacts and traders is already a part of our white label CRM for brokers.

Our CMS system is also completely integrated with our white label trading platform, bringing live news feeds directly to the platform interface.

With this solution, we've automated content creation to save you the cost and time involved with keeping your site content current and engaging. Building your brand depends on providing potential leads with a good first-impression of your business and that usually starts with your web presence.

Advertising Restrictions? We've found a solution to avoid the high cost of Google and Facebook ads and get you around their new advertiser restrictions for companies in the trading and crypto fields.

The xHub content management system for brokers businesses and introducing broker's will generate new leads and keep them coming back. Giving you the opportunity to convert them into live traders.

  • Our tools to build your social audience are easily configured to work with your current social accounts or guide you through creating new ones.
  • Our marketing automation is key to building your audience and traffic without the high-cost of pay per click advertising.

Email marketing is such an important part of building your broker business that we've created the perfect solution and integrated it directly with your CRM and CMS systems - going even further to automate the growth of your brand and business.

**CRM is Contact Relationship Management
*** CMS is Content Management System