Crypto Data Feed

Crypto Aggregated Feed and Trade Gateway

Our premier product. Add our data feeds to your MT5 or any API/Websocket capable application. With REST, WebSocket and FIX connection capabilities - we're confident our standard CFD crypto currency data feeds will fit your needs. Need them integrated, we can help!

Feed xHub data from most of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges directly to your trading platform, website, mobile app or any other use-case.

Our connections provide
FULL TRADE features

This allows you to trade crypto CFDs on an enhanced liquidity pool from MT5 or your custom trading platform. 

We are the first FinTech company to provide the feed and gateway.  Our development team has taken three-years to build the servers and integrations needed to support the high-speed and low-latency needed for successful algo trading.

Stream Data and Trade over 3,000 Digital Asset Pairs On The Aggregated Pricing Of The Top Exchanges World-Wide

Want to see a live sample - check out our  Live Orderbook Feed

We also have some of the supported symbols feeding to our Tickers Page