White Label Trading Platform

Customizable White Label Trader

Complete web trader for your web site. Includes payment, deposit, withdrawal and all trade functions managed by admin.

A highly configurable platform with all settings managed within your administration panel. 

Excellent user interface with integrated deposit using credit cards and multiple crypto currencies.

Admin Managed

Admin managed withdrawal requests and integrated support ticketing system. Users have full access to order book, trade charts, history reports all within a user-friendly dashboard interface.

With complete KYC fully integrated, your user's simply drag and drop or click to upload their documents. You can approve, deny and message your client's from their contact view page. Where you have all the tools and information you need to work with the trader to build positive and long-lasting relationships with your clients.

Running your own custom trade or exchange white label has never been more simple! If you do run into any problems our customer support and technical departments are available in real time to sort things out just the way you expect!

Complete Control

Add and remove the cross-pairs you want to support with just a checkbox in your admin panel.

Settings for every aspect of the trader are at your finger-tips and directly within the administration panel.  From which payment systems to enable, to email templates for all contact communications from your site.

Everything about your trading platform is completely within your control.

As soon as you've finished your changes: Click the 'Save and Sync' button and your platform immediately synchronizes your choices.

Build Your Brand

To help promote your brand, the custom white label trading platform has news fully integrated to bring your users back to your site. Need to send an email to all of your clients? We've integrated all of the tools you'll need to build your client-base and your brand.

Want to keep your traders coming back - we recommend you send daily news alerts to them. Don't worry, we've created a completely automated system to do that for you. All you need to do is click the 'Enable Daily News' button and come back to check the full reports on who opened, who clicked, when and where.

With our completely integrated marketing system, building your brand is simple and nearly completely automated.

Light Theme

If your user's prefer the white and bright style of trader, they can simply click a button and make it their way!

Our in-house developers are ready to turn your white label trading system into the perfect fit, based on your needs and business model.